Information for competitors

Please notice: These events are not official competitions. 

AGG friendship competition online
Sunday 7th of March

Please have a good wifi connection. If there is problems with the connection during competition, you can use earlier recorded video of your routine.

Please remember, this is not official competition. Be aware that there might be some technical challenges.



Starting list


Link to Zoom:

Only 1 device per 1 gym
This link is not for audience!

Please join to zoom early enough

Keep your camera off and mute yourself

Rename yourself with the name of the team or club and country code (for example SC Vantaa FIN)

Only when performing open your camera and unmute yourself

Before doing your routine organizers will represent the name of the team, age category and country

Organizers will spotlight the screen, so judges can see your routine well

Keep the music device next to your camera/computer (very close!)

Please keep your camera steady in one place, don´t move it while performing 

Make sure you show the whole carpet

There must be absolute silence during the routine, no cheering or applause is allowed

If possible please cover the mirrors/windows behind the carpet

Organizers will show your points after the next routine

Examples of the camera angles. Phone camera works very well, for example IPhone 11.

Livestream and record:

How to watch livestream? 
1. Click the link
2. Choose ”unlock this stream only”
3. Sign in or create a user account (with email or Facebook account)

Plese notice, that there might be some technical challenges