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SC Vantaa usein kysytyt kysymykset

    Every exerciser involved in the activities of our club is a member of our club. The membership period is from 1 July to 30 June. and the membership fee is €40/enthusiast. The member has the right to participate in the club's statutory annual meetings and take advantage of the club's membership benefits.
    SC Vantaa is a gymnastics and sports club whose main focus is on practicing gymnastics, dance and tricks. Competitive sports can be practiced in team gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and dance gymnastics for adults. SC Vantaa has a suitable form of exercise for every active person. You can come along for fun without competitive goals or to reach for your own dreams in racing and elite sports activities. Every hobbyist has the opportunity to practice or compete at their own skill and goal level. SC Vantaa offers competition and coaching activities in team gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics. In addition, competition is possible in dance and adult dance gymnastics groups. There are different levels of activity in competition and coaching activities, the operating principles of which are team-specific.
    The club's activities are divided into autumn and spring seasons. In addition, activities are organized in the form of courses in the summer. Hobby groups can be registered for the entire operating year (autumn and spring season), but it is possible to cancel participation before the start of the spring season (see payment and cancellation conditions here). It is possible to sign up for hobby groups almost all year round, and competition groups are usually signed up before the start of the season in July-August and December.
    SC Vantaa's practice activities are mainly carried out in the premises of schools and kindergartens in the city of Vantaa. In addition, the club has its own rental hall in Korso. You can find the addresses of the training places and the directions here.
    Groups are registered via the myClub member register. Upon registration, the enthusiast's parent accepts the terms of use of the club's membership register as well as the payment and cancellation terms. Registration is binding according to the club's payment and cancellation conditions. Instructions for using myClub can be found here.
    Payments are determined by group. Each member of the club pays a club membership fee of €30/year of activity and other fees related to the group. You can find more information about group payments and the club's payment and cancellation terms here. Payments for all groups can be seen in myClub when registering the group. For all invoice-related questions, you can contact Please remember to handle complaints related to invoices and possible extensions of the payment period before the due date of the invoice. Visma Financial Solutions is responsible for SC Vantaa's payment supervision.
    A sister discount is used in our competition and coaching groups, which is taken into account in the coaching fee. The sibling discount is formed according to age as follows: for another sister -25% for the third sister -50% If you are entitled to a sister flight, please contact
    The club's most important communication channel for enthusiasts is myClub. We recommend that members download the myClub application in their own app store, so that you will automatically receive a notification when a new announcement is published. Please make sure that you have up-to-date contact information in myClub. Race and coaching teams have group-specific whatsapp groups.
    SC Vantaa is an active organizer of events. The society's shows and competitions are carried out by volunteers. We invite all enthusiasts and the parents of enthusiasts to participate in the realization of experiential events. You can join as a Talkoan by contacting Competitive teams have a team leader chosen from the parents, who ensures active cooperation between the team's parents and coaches. The team's treasurers monitor the team's finances and check the team's invoices.
    In hobby groups, absences are reported via myClub by marking the absence next to the exercise event, and a separate notification of absences to the instructor is not required. In competition and coaching groups, absences are also reported to the own coach. Longer absences should be reported to your coach well in advance, so that training can be planned as best as possible to meet the needs of the group.
    In hobby groups, people move around in comfortable clothing suitable for exercise, e.g. t-shirt and leotards. Long hair must be tied and jewelry must be left at home during the hobby. In the classes, you can move around with bare feet or non-slip slippers. In competition and training groups, people move around in body-hugging clothing suitable for sports training, e.g. gymnastics leotards and leotards. Gymnastic slippers are used when exercising on a gymnastic mat. Competition and coaching groups can also use uniform training outfits that can be ordered for the group. You can get more information about your group's equipment needs from your group's coach.
    For the first training session, parents can come along to watch the child's class (with the exception of corona restrictions). The parent takes the child to class and during the class the child moves under the guidance of an instructor or coach. The exception is family exercise groups, where the parent moves with the child during class. At the end of the class, the parents pick up the child either from the locker room or from the yard of the training place, depending on the age of the athlete. During the season, we invite parents to follow the training and exercise together with the children, so that the parents get to know the activities of the group. We encourage parents to move around during their children's activities as well, instead of waiting in the locker room. If a child doesn't want to exercise alone without their parent, we encourage them to find hobby courage in our club's family exercise groups. This way the child can get to know exercise and hobbies safely in the company of their own parent.
    You can give feedback on our club's activities via the feedback survey collected at the end of the season or the feedback form on the website. In addition, you can always contact the group's instructors and coaches with a low threshold. We always try to resolve conflict situations quickly. We encourage enthusiasts and parents of enthusiasts to primarily always be in contact with the instructors or coaches of their own group and to discuss their wishes regarding the activity. If, in the opinion of one of the parties, the situation requires more extensive processing, the executive director of the club should be contacted.
    All adults involved in the activities of our club act in an exemplary and responsible manner, promoting a positive training atmosphere to support the activities of children and young people. We encourage parents to openly interact with the children's counselors and coaches and to actively participate in parents' evenings and talk times. The competition and coaching groups create the rules of the game for the parents at the beginning of the season.
    Yvette is the supplier of the club's representative uniforms. Representative clothing can be ordered directly from Yvette's online store at At the start of the season, fans can also order other club products, e.g. rhinestone tops and micro shorts. You can find more information and instructions for ordering representative clothing here.
    Groups have the opportunity to carry out their own fundraising and acquire sponsors in addition to the club's joint fundraising. Common financial and fundraising instructions have been created for competition and coaching teams. Fundraising campaigns and sponsors are approved before the fundraising decision.
    Each enthusiast's path is individual and changing groups is possible. The most important thing is that every hobbyist finds a suitable form of hobby for himself and his family. The best way to change a group is at the end of the training season, but you can also discuss group changes in the middle of the season with your instructor or coach. Our coaches will also help you find a suitable group if necessary.
    If you end your participation in our club, we hope you will notify the instructor and coach of your own group as well as in writing to our club office This is how we ensure that our membership register and billing are up to date. The membership of a member who has paid the membership fee continues after the end of the hobby until the end of the membership period.
    Many gymnastic sports require many hours of training from a young age, so it is important to pay attention to nutrition and health from childhood. When growth is at its most intense, the physical development of a young athlete is rapid, and the energy consumption due to the increased amount of training is usually high. The primary nutritional goal for a young gymnast is to ensure sufficient energy intake to support good training. SC Vantaa organizes nutritional training for its gymnasts in connection with the camps every season. The Finnish Gymnastics Federation has published healthy gymnast nutritional material, which you can find here.
    The physiological and psychological load that accumulates from training and other aspects of life also requires sufficient time for the body to recover. High-quality night sleep, sufficient and varied nutrition and good fluid balance promote recovery. Our club's coaches carefully plan the balance of training load and recovery, but it is important to monitor each gymnast's individual recovery at home as well.
  • Jäsenen eroaminen ja erottaminen
    Jäsenellä on oikeus erota yhdistyksestä ilmoittamalla siitä kirjallisesti hallitukselle tai sen puheenjohtajalle taikka ilmoittamalla erosta yhdistyksen kokouksessa merkittäväksi pöytäkirjaan. Jäsenmaksu on kuitenkin maksettava irtisanoutumisajankohdan mukaisen jäsenmaksukauden loppuun saakka. Hallitus voi erottaa jäsenen yhdistyksestä, jos jäsen on jättänyt erääntyneen jäsenmaksunsa maksamatta tai on muuten jättänyt täyttämättä ne velvoitukset, joihin hän on yhdistykseen liittymällä sitoutunut tai on menettelyllään yhdistyksessä tai sen ulkopuolella huomattavasti vahingoittanut yhdistystä tai ei enää täytä laissa taikka yhdistyksen säännöissä mainittuja jäsenyyden ehtoja.
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